The 2nd Gayest Anime of All Time

by Kevyn

You all know you all dreamed of a masked hero coming to save you.

Now, I don’t mean to piggybareback off of Steven’s article, The Gayest Anime Of All Time , but I couldn’t resist. Although Steven did give a nod to the ultimate crime fighting magical girl in a sailor suit, Sailor Moon was basically LunLun but  done ten times better with openly gay characters, awesome music, and better transformation sequences.

Sailor Moon defined my childhood growing up in the 90s. Yes, the 90s. Its funny because as a 90s child, I know Suzanne Sommers as her role in Step by Step as opposed to her role in that one show… Um… Three’s Company.  Anyways, the mid 90s was the height of girl power and teamwork and friendship (Power Rangers, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys) and I was drawn to Sailor Moon because she transformed into this amazing crime-fighting super hero with the help of her cat, Luna… and a magical compact.

Thanks to creator, Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon has taught millions of girls and ladyboys around the world to twirl around beautifully, wear high heeled shoes, and give us an infinite amount of different hair styles for us to dream about. All of these facts are crucial to understanding the world of Sailor Moon and any die-hard fan will already know this information; but for those that don’t know, I will now give you the Top 5 reasons why Sailor Moon is the gayest Anime of all time.

5. Fiore’s Never-ending Love for Tuxedo Mask

In Sailor Moon R – The Movie, Fiore, the antagonist of the film, comes back to Earth after being separated from Tuxedo Mask as children. He promises to find the most beautiful flower in the universe and bring it back to him since Tuxedo Mask gave him a rose when they were younger. It’s really cute actually… Until Sailor Moon comes in and wrecks everything.

4.  Zoisite & Kunzite

A lady always crosses her legs.

Zoisite was one of the main antagonists in the first season of Sailor Moon. He was overly flamboyant and had rose petals surround him whenever he disappeared from one location to the other. What’s amusing is that the bad guys embrace his sexuality and he is one of the highest ranking officers of the Dark Moon Kingdom. His lover, Kunzite, is also one of the strongest bad guys of the first serires. So what did they do when they dubbed this season into English? … Turn his character into a female, of course.

Zoicite and Kunzite - The One True Pair

3. Sailor Jupiter

Let’s face it, she’s the strongest of the group, she’s was transferred from her old school to a new one for fighting, and she has to wear a different school uniform because she’s too big for the normal uniforms. Sailor Jupiter was there to show that all women don’t have to fit the feminine, meek girl. She had power and knew how to defend herself. The element she controlled was lightning and wood… AKA Hope Depot aisles 14 and 15.

She also almost has a lesbian kiss in Season 4.

Jupiter, you ain't foolin' no one.

2. The Starlights

The Starlights in both of their...forms...

For the fifth and final season of the series, the Sailor Starlights make their appearance as new defenders of the earth to fight along Sailor Moon and her gang. However, they are not like the other Sailor Soldiers. From a distant planet, they decide to disguise themselves on planet earth as men. Yes, men. They have the ability to change from men to women at a moment’s notice. It gets tricky as Sailor Moon falls in love with the leader of the Starlights, Seiya. Is she in love with Seiya the female or Seiya the male? Either way, the transformations are fun to watch. Things appear and dissappear at the same time.

1. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are probably the longest lasting lesbian couple I’ve known my entire life. Their love for each other goes to death and beyond. It’s the best of both worlds for the lesbian community – you have the masculine butch one with the boy haircut and the feminine lipstick lesbian that balances the other out. Creator, Naoko Takeuchi, has said in many statements that these two are lovers yet in the American dub, they explained their close relationship as being cousins. Cousins my ass!

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus develop a crush on Sailor Uranus when they first meet her because they believe her to be a really cute boy. Need I explain more reason to love this series?

So, although LunLun may be the ‘gayest’ Anime series of all time, Sailor Moon was groundbreaking in portraying LGBT characters as strong and independent people who want to love and protect his world just as much as everyone else in the world. Sailor Moon comes in at an extremely close second as Gayest Anime of all time…

However, Dragonball Z will come in at an even closer 3rd.

4 responses to “The 2nd Gayest Anime of All Time

  1. I don’t think anyone could possibly understand how happy this post makes me. Man did I love, and still love, Sailor Moon!!

  2. bronagh mcewen

    i love sailormoon we never got the very guy stuff over in ireland most of the show was not shown we just got season 1, 2 and some of the episodes we not even shown but i love sailor juipter and always will i even named my cat at the time juipter who new he would grow to be the size of the planet he was a big tom love you sailormoon forever project ok was a little guy to

  3. I love you Kevyn Fong. I’ll always be right behind you….

  4. When I tried to post this on facebook it got blocked for some reason. Ugh. But I’d also like to note some lesbian things I liked (it’s a very lesbian show): In the Manga, Rei becomes posessed by a female lesbian demon and makes out with Sailor Venus. In Sailor Moon SuperS, there is a lesbian track star with a huge crush on Sailor Uranus who gropes 2 of the scouts’ asses when they sit next to her! What she actually said was “you both have firm glutes and would be perfect for the track team *flirtatious smile*” But the dub made up some total bull about her doing a weird hand stretch. Lol.

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